JNU - Juneau Tower

FAA Control Tower in Juneau, Alaska

Facility Information

Basic Information
Identifier JNU
Name Juneau Tower
Leveli Level 5
Type Tower
Service Area Western
District Alaska
Contact Information
Phone Number 907-586-7411
Address 1873 Shell Simmons Dr
Juneau, AK 99801
Hours of Operationi 0600-2300 APR-SEP
0700-2000 OCT-MAR
⚠️ Hours may differ due to staffing changes related to Covid-19. Refer to NOTAMs for the most current updates.

Salary Information

2020 Pay Table for Juneau Tower
Career Leveli Hourly Min. Hourly Max. Salary Min. Salary Max.i
CPC $38.14 $51.49 $79,599 $107,458
D3 $35.07 $38.14 $73,182 $79,599
AG $25.84 $25.84 $53,932 $53,932
Includes everything except premium pay.
Juneau Tower Pay Factors
Facility Leveli Level 5
Locality Area Alaska
Locality Payi 29.67%
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)i 2.86% (tax-free)

Staffing and Training

Staffing Information, July 2020
CPC Targeti 13 CPCs
CPCs on Boardi 10 CPCs
Current Number of Trainees 2 trainees
Current Staffing Leveli 77%
Projected Staffing Leveli 91%
Training Information, July 2020
Average Training Timei 0.67 years
Training Success Ratei 95%
Travel Days from Academyi 8 days