FAA Control Tower and Approach Control in Hilo, Hawaii

Facility Information

Basic Information
Identifier ITO
Name Hilo TRACAB
Leveli Level 5
Type Tower and Approach Control
Service Area Western
District Hawaii/Guam
Contact Information
Phone Number 808-935-4658
Address Hilo International Airport
Hilo, HI 96720
Hours of Operationi 0600-2200

Salary Information

2023 Pay Table for Hilo TRACAB
Career Leveli Hourly Min. Hourly Max. Salary Min. Salary Max.i
CPC $38.55 $52.05 $80,461 $108,620
D3 $35.44 $38.55 $73,973 $80,461
AG $26.12 $26.12 $54,514 $54,514
Includes everything except premium pay.
Hilo TRACAB Pay Factors
Facility Leveli Level 5
Locality Area Hawaii
Locality Payi 21.17%
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)i 3.50% (tax-free)

Staffing and Training

Staffing Information, May 2023
CPC Targeti 13 CPCs
CPCs on Boardi 11 CPCs
Current Number of Trainees 3 trainees
Current Staffing Leveli 85%
Projected Staffing Leveli 93%
Training Information, May 2023
Average Training Timei 1.50 years
Training Success Ratei 85%
Travel Days from Academyi Variable