BGR - Bangor Tower

FAA Control Tower and Approach Control in Bangor, Maine

Facility Information

Basic Information
Identifier BGR
Name Bangor Tower
Leveli Level 5
Type Tower and Approach Control
Service Area Eastern
District New England
Contact Information
Phone Number 207-561-2500
Address 617 Griffin Rd
Bangor, ME 04401
Hours of Operationi 0000-2359 (always open)

Salary Information

2018 Pay Table for Bangor Tower
Career Leveli Hourly Min. Hourly Max. Salary Min. Salary Max.i
CPC $31.91 $43.08 $66,604 $89,915
D3 $29.34 $26.49 $61,235 $55,295
AG $21.62 $21.62 $45,127 $45,127
Includes everything except premium pay.
Bangor Tower Pay Factors
Facility Leveli Level 5
Locality Area Rest of U.S.
Locality Payi 15.37%

Staffing and Training

Staffing Information, April 2018
CPC Targeti 22 CPCs
CPCs on Boardi 19 CPCs
Current Number of Trainees 5 trainees
Current Staffing Leveli 86%
Projected Staffing Leveli 83%
Training Information, April 2018
Average Training Timei 1.54 years
Training Success Ratei 79%
Travel Days from Academyi 5 days